Just like any other part of your landscape, artificial grass is an investment. With any investment, you want to trust the company behind the product you’re buying. You can trust NewGrass®.

NewGrass® … From a Company Built on Experience

The team at NewGrass® has more than 30 years of combined experience in the artificial grass industry. We have been selling and installing artificial grass since 1997.

We know what it takes to earn the ongoing respect of our customers and our partners in the synthetic lawn business.

That’s why NewGrass® is equally dedicated to our products, our people, our results ... and our customers. Here are few comments from customers just like you:

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Growth Based on Trust, Quality and Integrity

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, NewGrass LLC, the company behind the product - is a wholesale distributor of high-quality synthetic grasses for the broadest array of uses.

Our customers include end-use consumers and larger volume commercial partners.

  • A typical end-use customer is the homeowner who installs one of our quality artificial grass products. Of course, our sales staff and installation support team is there to provide dedicated help every step of the way.
  • Commercial partners include a growing, efficient network of distributors and large-volume users: commercial landscapers, synthetic lawn installers, retailers, commercial contractors and homebuilders.

Just as we support every end-use customer every step of the way, we are also dedicated to working very closely with each of our commercial partners. We offer unparalleled support and are committed to finding the right solution for our commercial partners, including marketing support, assistance with each installation project and distribution support.

Guaranteed Delivery … a Top Priority

You can promise support and customer service all you want. But if you can’t deliver the product, what’s the point?

We coordinate to receive NewGrass® directly from its manufacturer. Because of this close alliance with the manufacturer, we can guarantee NewGrass® is always available and delivered on time. In this industry, availability is not always a sure bet. With NewGrass®, you can take it to the bank.

Whether you’re installing artificial grass in your backyard or ordering enough for a schoolyard, you’ll have the NewGrass® you need when you need it.

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