We consider every NewGrass® customer a partner in a unique relationship to which we’re committed to exceeding their expectations and providing exceptional results.


NewGrass® is proud to be the synthetic lawn of choice for discerning buyers, from homeowners to daycare centers, from elementary schools to pet resorts. Whether their priority was to have a backyard lawn that would beautifully complement their landscaping, or having a play area that was kinder to all of the tumbles a youngster can take, our customers choose NewGrass® for its quality and for the service they received from their NewGrass® distributor and installation team.

In every case, NewGrass® and the NewGrass® distributor provided everything the customer sought – a top-quality artificial grass that not only looked good to them, but felt good under their feet and was designed and installed by a team they could trust to pay attention to the details.


Customer Gallery

Total Home Landscaping

All three varieties of NewGrass® were used to landscape the front yard, back yard and Little League-regulation-size baseball diamond of this Scottsdale, Ariz., home of a New York Mets ballplayer. The 17,000-square-foot installation needed to compliment existing and planned landscaping in the newly built home. The front yard is NewGrass Rye. The back yard is NewGrass Fescue.

The MLB star didn’t want any sod grass or dirt used on the baseball diamond. The result was a hypo-allergenic, dust-free diamond of NewGrass Sport. The chalk lines and the running paths are also NewGrass Sport, dyed white and brown.


Front Yard Installation

The owners of this lovely home on a quiet cul de sac in north Scottsdale wanted a lush front lawn to be proud of in a neighborhood where most homes featured simple xeriscaping or emphasized water conservation landscaping.

In addition, the unique shape of the front yard and the rock edging already in place required a quality design and installation team. They choose NewGrass® in large part because their NewGrass® distributor understood their design needs and had experience installing synthetic lawns to complement other landscaping materials.


Schoolyard Installation

The Dobson Academy in Chandler, Ariz., has battled for years with the problem of tough, hard soil that is hostile to natural turf and nearly impossible to adequately irrigate or water. The answer for the school’s outdoor common areas, at least, was NewGrass®.

The private elementary school has several courtyards that provide a centerpiece for the campus. Before NewGrass®, these areas were a combination of dusty dirt and scrappy bits of natural grass … not hospitable to students or faculty. Today, the areas are more inviting than ever.

One question the school had in choosing a synthetic lawn was whether it would complement the campus’s existing trees and its landscaping of low-height rock walls. NewGrass® exceeded expectations in meeting this challenge.


Backyard Installation

This owner of this magnificent home set high in the desert hills of north Scottsdale, Ariz., wanted his backyard to be a place to entertain and relax year-round. He also wanted a synthetic lawn to complement his unique landscaping and tie into the surrounding mountain vistas.

He chose NewGrass®, to make sure he got an artificial grass that would fit naturally with the curves and sweeps of his uniquely designed swimming pool and flowing backyard patio. He was also impressed by the level of attention the NewGrass® the NewGrass distibutor gave to his project. Initially, he was unsure that STC's design and planning would be up to the challenge that his landscaping demanded. Those concerns evaporated as the STC team began designing his project - before installation even began.


Total Home Landscaping

The Williams family in Los Angeles, Calif., wanted the landscaping of the front and back yards of their new home to conserve water, eliminate lawn maintenance and compliment their natural landscaping of trees and plants.

They wanted a back yard could be enjoyed by their young daughter and her friends, their dogs and their friends, and that would work well around their pool and with their curving sidewalk. They wanted their front yard to have great curb appeal. Their NewGrass® installation met all of their requirements and was a hit with their landscape architect as well.


Commercial Installation

Avondale Toyota, in a west Phoenix suburb, was designed under Toyota’s "Image USA II" program, which upgrades dealership exteriors and interiors and features a special emphasis on what it calls customer “touch points."

Inside amenities may include a children's play area in the showroom and a coffee bar in the service area and upgraded restroom facilities. Unfortunately, Avondale Toyota’s exterior was far less inviting. Natural grass continually failed to take hold or stand up to being driven over and parked on, as part of the dealerships new-car display area. Avondale responded by installing NewGrass®.

The project was designed and installed by STC, a NewGrass® distributor in nearby Scottsdale.


Front Yard Installation

This home in an upscale, gated community in North Scottsdale, Ariz., is one example of why NewGrass® is starting to catch on as an alternative for front yard installations.

The homeowner, a retired businessman, was tired of the maintenance his front yard lawn required, just to keep it healthy and maintain its curb appeal throughout the year. Already having chosen NewGrass® for his more private backyard, he decided the look was so natural that it would indeed fit in perfectly with his home landscaping and his neighborhood in the front yard.

The homeowner is so pleased with the results and the professionalism of the distributor, that he has in fact become a NewGrass® sales representative!


School Installation

The Campus Children's Center at Arizona State University in Tempe opened in August 1992 to provide care to children between the ages of two and five whose parents are ASU students, staff or faculty members.

For years, the center’s operating agency tried to keep grass growing in the hardscrabble ground of the center. The problem of poor soil was compounded by at least two other factors: the wear and tear the children constantly gave the natural grass that would grow, and the damage to the natural grass by the sand that constantly seemed to find its way into the grass from the adjacent play areas.

Finally, the center decided to install NewGrass®. The installation spans two separate play areas, wraps around curving play areas and nudges tight against natural trees. Not only is the grass durable and green year-round, it provides a safe cushioning when the children fall and tumble. Plus, it actually benefits from the play-area sand that lands between its blades and works down into its infill.


Backyard Installation

The owners of one Scottsdale home wanted a backyard setting incorporating an artificial lawn that would visually complement their outdoor sculpture, swimming pool and extensive garden-style landscaping. They also wanted an artificial grass that their active pair of Boston terriers would enjoy.

But even beyond all of that, this family wanted a company they could trust to specifically design and professionally install a synthetic lawn to complete and tie together the various components of their backyard landscape – the curving walkways, rectangular pool, the side-yard patio and the brick and stone edging along the home itself.

NewGrass® and its local distributor gave painstaking attention to every detail of the project.


Commercial Installation

Applewood Pet Resort is one of the most sought-after addresses among Phoenix dog and cat owners. The problem was keeping the resort’s lawns up to par with the stylish appeal of the rest of the facility. Natural grass couldn’t stand up to the desert climate combined with the constant rooting, playing, romping and calls of Mother Nature that the turf received from Applewood’s four-legged guests.

The answer was NewGrass®. First, Applewood had installations done in a patio at the front of the resort and an interior play area just outside the kennels and grooming rooms. Not only have the installations maintained their look because the dogs can’t tear up the grass or dig into its backing, but the staff saves time picking up after the dogs; it’s easier to rake refuse off the top of NewGrass™ than from natural grass.

Pleased with the results, Applewood more recently had NewGrass® installed around its bone-shaped pool.


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