NewGrass Product Line

Here is our brand new product line for 2017. It is the most advanced artificial grass in the industry!

Premium Natural NewGrass

A marvelous, multi-purpose and very durable quality. Doesn’t require any infill for moderate traffic and great for pets.This product is best for moderate to high traffic. This product is natural looking and feels very real. Premium natural is a full bodied Grass available in multiple height, weight, and color options.  Infill would be recommended if being used for high traffic locations. Use for front lawns, back lawns, highrise areas, common areas and any higher traffic locations.

I just love the look and feel of my Premium Natural NewGrass.  I’m also proud that it is made right here in the USA!

Jim P.

Danville, CA

Native Lush NewGrass

A beautiful, soft and lifelike quality grass. Our native lush product is the most realistically native looking grass out on the market. There’s no other product with a blade combination as nice as the native lush. It is a full bodied product with a three color blend of blades and textures. Use in moderate to high traffic, every fiber of grass curls in its own unique way and behaves independently making your lawn look airy and playful.

I am just so thrilled with my NewGrass, it has created an environment that I can relax and play with my granddaughter!

Paula P.

San Ramon, CA

Ultra Soft NewGrass

Ultra soft is heavy in density, towering in height and extremely soft. Ultrasoft is perfectly green, without looking unnatural. This artificial grass is made up of a three color blade and texture combination. This is definitely a low traffic grass, best use for faralon’s, up on a hillside, or in an unaccessible area.

My beautiful and easy NewGrass has completely transformed the usability of my front yard!

Mary S.

San Leandro, CA

Summer Fresh NewGrass

An exquisite grass that not only looks attractive, it also feels wonderful. The very best turf when it comes to a natural summer time appearance and doesn’t look recently mowed. Summer fresh is a full bodied blend of four blade colors and two textures. It requires more infill than our other products and is not recommended for bigger dogs as infill can retain dog urine. Summer fresh is a moderate to heavy use product and will work great in both front and back lawn’s and for kids to play on.

We absolutely love our NewGrass lawn! It makes it so easy to go outside and play with the kids without worrying about itchy grass or mud! Not to mention it looks perfect year round without having to do anything!

Lauren W.

Pleasanton, CA