Where do you see natural grass? Everywhere.

Where is NewGrass® the perfect alternative to natural grass? Same answer: Everywhere.

Any Use, Anywhere

From the backyard to the schoolyard, for an office park or a pet park … no matter what application you need or why you’re considering artificial grass, NewGrass® gives you:

  • The highest quality product in the industry
  • The best prices in the industry
  • A professional sales staff dedicated to meeting your needs
  • A network of unparalleled, detail-oriented installation providers

A Small List of Applications

NewGrass® is the perfect alternative for:


Schoolyards and Day Care Centers

From St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School and Dobson Academy in Arizona to St. Elizabeth's Day Home in northern California, NewGrass® has become the solution for challenging schoolyard and day care center needs. Hypo-allergenic, virtually dust-free and safer than a gravel or hard dirt surface, a NewGrass® play area also means the end of schoolyard dirt getting tracked inside and muddy messes in the rainy seasons. Children have a year-round play surface that conserves water and eliminated potentially harmful pesticides.


Dog Runs, Kennels, Pet Resorts

It’s hard to say who loves NewGrass® more: The dogs that romp on it or their owners and the pet resorts that have had NewGrass® installed.

Dogs love NewGrass® for its natural feel. But they can’t damage or stain it, no matter how hard they romp or how much they need to “take care of business” on it. Pet resorts love NewGrass® artificial lawn for those reasons and because NewGrass® is so easily cleaned and sanitized, and holds its shape over the years – in any kind of weather or climate.


Total Home Landscaping Projects

NewGrass® is the perfect landscaping choice not only for the residential back yard and its varied uses, but also for the much more public front yard.

The NewGrass® customers who own the homes in Arizona and California shown in these pictures attest that NewGrass® artificial lawn is equally advantageous for a family’s private back yard, with its areas for family, friends and pets, as it is for their front yard. Curb appeal, kid-appeal, dog-appeal … NewGrass® synthetic lawns cover all the bases.


Commercial Landscaping

NewGrass® is the perfect landscaping alternative for commercial property owners who want a year-round lawn while being water-wise, eliminating pesticides and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traditional maintenance equipment. These photos show how one tony Arizona car dealership had NewGrass® installed to complement its hotel-like interior with an equally inviting exterior.


Sport Fields and Athletic Facilities

NewGrass® is a safe, hygienic and natural-feeling lawn for sport and athletic uses. Athletes get great traction and a real-life feel. The maintenance staff doesn’t need to worry about seeding, patching or watering, and they can lay down precise markings and logos much more easily and with greater permanency than sod grass allows.

Dirt stays outside, where it belongs. And maybe best of all, NewGrass® means the field has next to no down time. With its rapid drainage rates and its crushed aggregate base, NewGrass® offers a safe, usable playing surface under almost any weather conditions, any time of year.

These photos show who the 24 Hour Fitness in Denver, CO used NewGrass for their SPARQ training facility.


Photo Shoots, Exhibits, Trade Shows

NewGrass® synthetic lawn gives photographers, stylists and trade show exhibitors an easy-to-use, tidy, clean and natural-looking outdoor setting that they can use again and again. NewGrass® has been used by commercial photo studios, retail stylists and exhibitors across the country. NewGrass was also featured at the Grammy Style Studio for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.


Unique Applications

NewGrass® artificial grass is the perfect choice for out-of-the ordinary applications that require the look and feel of natural grass, but where sod turf is impractical or simply not an option.

One MLB player didn’t want turf grass or dirt used on his backyard baseball diamond. The producers of TV show Movie and a Makeover wanted to replicate a backyard patio complete with lawn on an Atlanta rooftop. NewGrass® was the solution for both challenges.


Other Water-Wise, Eco-Friendly Uses for NewGrass®

  • Institutional uses
  • Parks and recreation applications
  • Public-use landscaping – roadways, meridians and other needs

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