After Years of Doubt, One Artificial Grass Proves as Real as Mother Nature

June 23, 2006

Synthetic grass yardSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – After years of saying no to artificial grass, a north Scottsdale community decided that one local company has a product that is enough like the real thing to be allowed to grace its front yards.

Scottsdale Ranch, an upscale community of 4,000 homes, amended its covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) to allow residents to install NewGrass™ synthetic grass products from Scottsdale-based NewGrass, Inc.

For years, Scottsdale Ranch, like many other communities, argued that artificial grasses look too fake and would hurt property values.

“Scottsdale Ranch has homes that are beautifully landscaped, and the community wouldn’t have changed its CC&Rs to allow NewGrass if our products weren’t as natural-looking as the real thing,” said Trevor Brooks, NewGrass Executive VP, Marketing.

The approval of NewGrass at Scottsdale Ranch comes as affluent communities nationwide continue to debate whether to allow artificial grasses in their front yards.

Over the years, longtime resident Gene Galinski has seen artificial grasses that looked too much like plastic … and didn’t get the community’s approval.

“NewGrass is the first product we’ve seen that provides the appearance of a well-manicured lawn,” Galinski said.

The ongoing debate goes beyond landscape aesthetics, however. Particularly in the arid Southwest, the argument also touches on water conservation and the simple freedom from maintenance and care that a synthetic lawn offers.

More than 50% of the average homeowner’s water bill goes towards maintaining their lawn, according to the American Water Works Association.

25 Responses to “After Years of Doubt, One Artificial Grass Proves as Real as Mother Nature”

  1. Desiree Clausen Says:

    What ‘zones’ can this be used in? I am in a 4-5 zone. (Iowa) Thanks

  2. Trevor Says:

    I am not sure what you are referring to as ‘zones’ however, NewGrass can be used anywhere as it is resistant to heat and cold. It would certainly work in Iowa!

  3. David Says:

    has McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale approved this for thier lawns yet?

  4. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi David,

    We have not been in contact with McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale but we certainly can do so if you are interested. Just let us know.

  5. Phil Erway Says:

    I have a sort of pizza slice section of lawn for me and my neighbor, a common piece of ground that we’ve been sharing for 30 years in our mobile home park. We are proud owners of about 8 weed species and the ground is very lumpy. If I were to invest the +/-3k bucks for your product for the about 500 t0 600 sq. ft., what preparation will I have to do first? Or, do you do the inerting and leveling, etc. as part of the price? Thx, J.P.Erway

  6. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Phil,

    The process to install NewGrass is you would first remove the top soil layer so you would have to let go of your weed garden. Then you put down a compacted crushed aggregate base and you lay the NewGrass on top of that. The cost of installation is not included on our Web site as that is project specific.

    A common question we get is “can weeds grow through the NewGrass?” and the answer is no so basically your weed garden will be lost forever.

  7. Mark Says:

    We are thinking of having artificial grass installed at our home in Walnut Creek, CA. Can you provide some basic estimates or averages of installation costs? Better still, it would be helpful to get some idea of the cost per square foot (grass product and installation). Also, could you provide the contact information for someone in Northern California? Thank you.

  8. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Mark,

    The price of NewGrass can be found on our Web site at The cost of installation is project specific. We are currently setting up distributors in Northern California as well.

  9. JeffM Says:

    In Hawaii, there’s a movement to try to become the most energy efficient State in the United States. While we enjoy a tremendous benefit from ready access to the sun and wind for power, the local supply of fresh water is somewhat overtaxed, and energy for mowing (ie: fossil fuel) is pricey.

    Furthermore, many grass species wither under the tropical sun. Products like yours might help a lot of people who want to create a lower environmental impact, while still giving a look of nature, which is a uniquely important treasure in our State. How would one go about getting NewGrass in Hawaii?

  10. Marcia Merritt Says:

    I live in metro Detroit. Where could I purchase new grass from and who
    does the installation in the area.

    Thank you

    Marcia Merritt

  11. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Marcia,

    Please contact us direct from our Web site.

  12. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Please contact us direct from our Web site.

  13. jennifer Says:

    Can you please tell me what keeps the turf from coming up (I mean in whole parts like carpet, not the single ‘grass’ leaves) We would like to have artificial grass in our backyard because of 2 dogs, but I am worried that they will dig up the ends and burrow under it. How is the turf attached to what is beneath it?

  14. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    NewGrass is tacked down on the edges and then infill if placed to hold the grass down. We have installed NewGrass for 100s of dogs in 100s of situations and we have never seen a dog that was able to dig underneath it.

  15. David Says:

    Are there any installers in the southern Ca area?

  16. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi David,

    Yes we are just in the process of setting up a distributor in Southern California please contact us direct for more information.

  17. Cricket Says:

    I am considering artificial grass for my backyard. I have two large dogs and a cat who will use this as their restroom. I also have two young boys who would like a nice place to play. Of your three types of grass, which would be best for me? And how much do you charge for installation?

  18. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Cricket,

    Please contact us directly so we can help serve you better.

  19. Roy Kodama Says:

    I live in Thousand Oaks CA and have a Approx 1500 Sq Ft
    and would install it myself in the the back yard 2 dogs and boys play thing . what would the material cost for this application

  20. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Roy,

    The prices for NewGrass can be found on our Web site at

  21. John Duckworth Says:

    Does the price on your website include the compacted crushed aggregate base? How thick does the base need to be? In and around a pool area, are there any issues with chemicals in direct contact with the product? (e.g. chlorine, muratic acid, etc etc)

  22. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi John,

    The prices on the Web site are for the NewGrass products only and do not include any of the installation costs including materials.

    With the base we look to install between 2-3 inchs and there are no issues with chemicals as NewGrass has been installed around lots of pools.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn’t tell from reading your website whether or not your product can be installed on top of a concrete pad?


  24. Michael Says:

    Do you have samples? i would like to see prior to purchase. We have approx: 350 to 375sq. ft. of lawn to do. I live in Chandler Arizona. Also what is approx: cost of installation
    I just started looking around for this and noticed many company’s selling these types of lawns and I am just in the begining stages of pricing.
    Please let me know.

  25. NewGrassNews Says:

    Hi Michael thanks for the interest in NewGrass!

    We will have our sales rep contact you shortly.

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