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NewGrass Not Only Beats the Summer Heat, It’s Also Immune to Winter’s Wrath

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

residential back yardWith winter approaching, families across the country are beginning to give up any thought of enjoying their lawns until next spring. It doesn’t need to be that way.

NewGrass® synthetic lawn truly is a year-round landscaping alternative. A top-quality artificial lawn like NewGrass certainly gives a home more usable outdoor space in the heat of summer, while conserving water and cutting maintenance time and costs. But it also stands up to winter’s harshest weather, anywhere in the country.

“NewGrass is truly all-weather,” said Greg Goehner, president of Scottsdale-based NewGrass.
After even the heaviest of snowfalls or strongest spring rains, NewGrass bounces back to its full, enjoyable self. If properly installed, any snowmelt or rain will either seep to the ground through the tough but permeable backing, or simply run off.

“After the snow melts or the rain lets up, NewGrass only needs to brushed, blown or rinsed free of any residual debris for another season of beauty,” Goehner said.

Bob Vila, the syndicated home renovation show, installed NewGrass in the backyard of a home just outside of Boston, Mass., where winters can be severe. And, the installation was done in November, as winter was starting to pick up steam.

Homeowner Sarah Monzon said her NewGrass lawn, featured in the Bob Vila episode, has bounced back through winter spring, spring, summer and fall since the installation.

“I’m loving my yard,” Monzon said. He two young boys now have a year-round play area.
Synthetic lawns using the same manufacturing process and materials as NewGrass have been installed and proven to bounce back season after season on athletic fields that suffer record amounts of rain (the Seattle Seahawks) as well as tundra-like climate extremes (practice fields for the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots).

In the mountain resort town of Lake Tahoe, Nev., NewGrass product has been springing back to shape every season since it was installed in 2002.

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