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NewGrass Offering 7,500 Square Feet of Fescue at Rock-Bottom Price as Part of Make-a-Wish Contribution

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

BUCKEYE, Ariz. – When Arizona dogs and their owners competed recently in a unique competition to support the world-famous Make-A-Wish Foundation, many of them enjoyed the nicest competition surface they’ve ever had, thanks to NewGrass®.

Now, customers can buy all or any part of the 7,500 square feet of NewGrass Fescue™ used at the three-day event at 25 percent below its retail price. And all of the proceeds will go to Wags for Wishes Arizona.

The Fescue was used to cover an important section of the competition area for the first-ever Wags for Wishes Arizona fund raiser.

Scottsdale-based NewGrass distributor STC installed the lawn for free. Wags for Wishes “rented” the expanse of Fescue at a special discounted rate of $2.99 per square foot. NewGrass Fescue™ retails for $3.99 per square foot. (This does not include installation costs, which are charged separately by authorized NewGrass installers and distributors.)

Now, NewGrass is selling the 7,500 square feet of lawn used at the event at that same discounted price of $2.99 per square foot. All of the proceeds will go to Wags for Wishes to help recoup the cost of the lawn, explained NewGrass president Greg Goehner.

“This is a win-win-win,” Goehner said. “We get to support a truly wonderful cause. The dogs got a great field to compete on. And, we hope, several new customers will benefit when they get they the used grass at such low a cost.”

The arrangement came about thanks to volunteer event director Wendy Hultsman, a local dog trainer and NewGrass® customer.

Hultsman has 6,900 square feet of NewGrass® installed in her backyard training facility.
“It’s a great lawn,” Hultsman said. “The dogs love it. It stays fresh. I wouldn’t have anything else for my yards. No dirt in the house. It looks fantastic, I can do any sport I want on it, and it’s easy to maintain!”

Specifically for Wags for Wishes, Hultsman said New Grass® provided a smooth surface for sports that require more exacting surfaces than the undressed field at Empty Acres Equestrian Center could offer.

“It proves that NewGrass® holds up to high traffic, in the flyball competition for example, and in twisting and turning events, like the Frisbee and DiscDog competitions.”

The Make–A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to terminally ill children. Wags for Wishes competitions are held throughout the country to support that mission.

The shows are unique and probably the most comprehensive dog shows anywhere. They offer entries for show quality, performance and pet quality dogs. And in addition to the usual categories of agility, competition can include disk catching, dock jumping, herding, flyball, lure coursing, obedience and terrier events.

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