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NewGrass Network Now in 10 States Coast to Coast

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

NewGrass artificial grass continues to expand its network of trained, authorized representatives, acting on its mission to be the artificial grass of choice in the United States when being water-wise and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy, regardless of climate or geography.

Experienced turf landscapers as well as veteran synthetic grass installation companies have joined the NewGrass team in 10 states reaching from California to South Carolina to New York.

Their situations may vary, but two reasons new partners continually cite for joining NewGrass are the way NewGrass supports its distributors and the company’s dedication to becoming a premier brand in the artificial turf industry, and no simply be another discount-priced retailer.

“The team at NewGrass has provided web site design and great marketing materials, including an entire trade show display on short notice, so that’s one big way they’ve supported me,” said Bart Stoneback, owner of Mile High Synthetic Turf, in Colorado, a veteran in the fake grass business and now an authorized NewGrass distributor. “But they also are incredibly committed to always having products in stock and delivered on time, and that’s huge in this business.”

“I knew when I chose to sell NewGrass that it wasn’t the least expensive grass on the market,” said Larry Reno, district manager for NewGrass Landscape & Design, in California. “But they are a top act in this game. They’re in it for the long haul and are determined to bring value to the name through customer service and quality products. That’s worth plenty.”

Stoneback, Reno and other NewGrass representatives were first drawn to NewGrass through its strong and robust Internet presence and a marketing prowess that has garnered the company national television and newspaper attention. As a result, NewGrass synthetic grass is today represented by an efficient, committed and growing distribution network of landscapers and lawn-service professionals in the following states:

• Arizona (four authorized representatives)
• California (five authorized representatives)
• Colorado
• Florida
• New York (two authorized representatives)
• North Carolina
• New Mexico
• South Carolina (two authorized representatives)
• Texas (three authorized representatives)
• Washington

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