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NewGrass and Play Sets: As Natural As Peanut Butter & Jelly

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Sometimes things just naturally fit together: peanut butter and jelly, soup and sandwich, NewGrass and backyard play sets. Just ask Paul Parker, who is equally comfortable in the worlds of synthetic lawn and children’s play sets.

Paul is a partner in Artificial Grass San Diego and San Diego Backyard Adventures. The first is among the newest authorized distributors of NewGrass, the artificial grass solution when being water-wise and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy year-round. The second company is the San Diego area’s most recognized and respected provider of the highest quality wooden outdoor play equipment.

NewGrass has built an outstanding reputation for providing the perfect environment for play areas at schools and day care centers, and Backyard Adventures has personalized, experienced service to help any family choose the right play set, fort or swing,” Parker said. “Putting the two together just makes sense – a customer can have their home play area redesigned and recreated literally from the ground up.”

But even considered separately, it’s clear that NewGrass is superior to traditional natural products, including grass, sand and wood chips, for ground cover under and around play areas, Parker said.

“NewGrass is an eco-friendly, natural-looking and incredibly safe alternative to any other kind of surface under our play sets,” Parker said. “It eliminates the kind of injuries a child can suffer from a fall on gravel, sand or dirt. “We’re also very big on the fact that NewGrass® is lead-safe.”

Sand and wood chips create cushioned surfaces, but both are messy, scatter easily and routinely need to be replenished. Perhaps least appealing of all, sand and wood chips can attract cats, who consider these coverings to be one big litter box.

Turf grass and its weeds can aggravate allergies, plus they need fertilizers, pesticides, watering and maintenance. NewGrass is hypo-allergenic, doesn’t stain clothes and prevents dirt and mud from being tracked inside.

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