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NewGrass on the Runway: Helping Fashion & Design Show Go Green

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

NewGrass is proving that in addition to being highly adaptable for various landscaping needs, it is also very fashionable.

NewGrass artificial grass will border the runway of the upcoming Thread Show, a major two-day fashion and design show in San Diego that is taking a turn toward being green, even including an “Eco/Green/Good” section for exhibitors.

“As the leading supplier of quality synthetic lawn in Southern California, which we all know has been hard-hit by drought and faces serious water restrictions, we’re excited to be a part of Thread,” said NewGrass President Greg Goehner. “NewGrass is truly a green product, is recyclable and we donate to the Carbon Fund.”

Thread will be at the San Diego Wonderhaus Dec. 5-6. NewGrass will “definitely be a centerpiece of the show,” said Carlye Wund, a green events planner in her first year with Elle Communications, which promotes and helps stage the Thread show. NewGrass synthetic lawn will be used at least to border the fashion show’s runway and may in fact be used for the runway itself, and possibly for an entrance area to the show, Wund said.

“There’s such a negative perception of ‘being green’ in design and fashion, and we’re trying to break down that perception and show that green can be fashionable, it can be organic,” Wund said. NewGrass is also is 100% polyethylene (no nylon), lead safe and recyclable.

Wund is an events planner who encourages, plans and designs events to embody green concepts – reducing waste, promoting re-use and reducing the carbon footprint, for all kinds of events, from weddings to bar mitzvahs, and now, fashion and design shows. In addition to looking natural and lush with next to no maintenance, and not requiring watering, NewGrass can be easily removed and stored for later use.

Although NewGrass is new on the fashion circuit, it has a history of being a safe, removable and long-lived set application for designers and photographers. Professional photographers and stylists including those for Neiman Marcus and JC Penney have chosen NewGrass artificial lawn as an easy-to-use, no muss, no fuss, natural-looking outdoor setting in the studio year-round.

NewGrass was also the perfect solution for a unique landscape challenge for the TBS television show Movie & A Makeover. NewGrass was selected to help transform a barren downtown rooftop into an attractive outdoor living space.

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