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NewGrass Partners with Major Group Purchasing Organization

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

NewGrass® is proud to announce it has been awarded a contract with National Purchasing Partners, empowering NewGrass to offer non-profits and school districts, municipalities, colleges and other public entities a cost-savings solution for synthetic turf purchases and installations.

NPP is a group-purchasing organization (GPO) whose members – all of which are public agencies or non-profits – join together to leverage purchases of goods and services at their best pricing, terms and conditions, and often lower than any single member would be able to obtain individually. In addition, NPP offers its members negotiated prices and assures them they meet the legally requirements for competitive bidding when they purchase through NPP.

“For all of those reasons and more, NewGrass is pleased to be a major brand supplier of artificial turf to the public agencies that are members of the NPP,” said Greg Goehner, president of NewGrass, the artificial grass of choice for people and businesses that are concerned about water conservation and protecting the environment as well as having more green grass to enjoy year-round.

NewGrass has a demonstrated history of applications for schoolyards and public areas.

“NewGrass is excited about helping municipalities, school districts and other public agencies make a difference in their communities as the need becomes more urgent to reduce the amount of water, pesticides and herbicides public entities use year-round, and yet still provide safe, usable green areas for their constituents,” Goehner said.

NewGrass was thoroughly reviewed by NPP to ensure it met the organization’s mission to provide its members the highest quality products and most cost-effective price agreements in each of the product categories it offer.

“That there is no fee to NPP members to use their membership to take advantage of NewGrass quality, pricing and commitment to service is another big advantage of this partnership,” Goehner said.

Contact NewGrass today to learn more about NPP and NewGrass pricing for NPP members. To become an NPP member, contact NPP at 800.810.3909 or email the organization

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