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NewGrass Uses Go Far Beyond Home Landscaping

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Here’s a little pop quiz: Name five great applications for synthetic grass.

Sure, there’s the most obvious answers. Replacing a home’s water-hungry, pesticide-needy sod grass with eco-friendly, water-wise NewGrass®. Using NewGrass® to provide safe and kid-friendly play areas in schools and daycare centers. Providing dog-friendly, easy-to-clean ground cover at pet runs and kennels.

But here are a handful of uses for NewGrass® that are becoming increasingly popular. Maybe they’ll give you some fresh alternative landscaping ideas.

“It’s exciting that NewGrass® is finding growing acceptance not just in its types of applications, but from coast-to-coast, in business uses as well as residential landscaping,” said NewGrass® President Greg Goehner.

Rooftop Patios and Terraces. In New York City, NewGrass New York recently installed our premium product on a rooftop patio of swanky Trump Place, one of the Big Apple’s newest and most luxurious high rises.

The producers of the TV show Movie and a Makeover replicated a backyard patio complete with lawn on an Atlanta rooftop using NewGrass®.

“NewGrass® is a great choice for a rooftop terrace, because even when it’s wet, after a rain or snowfall, a NewGrass® installation won’t overload a building with standard weight-being limitations,” Goehner said.

Fashion Runways and Trade Displays. NewGrass New York recently installed NewGrass for the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Previously, NewGrass® appeared in the window display of the Ralph Lauren flagship store on tony Madison Avenue. Sears, Roebuck and Co. has used NewGrass® as the floor covering for a recent trade show display to show off spring designs.

Temporary Outdoor Exhibits. In early June, NewGrass® synthetic lawn was on public display in the middle of Times Square, in conjunction with a citywide public art project in which it was used to provide a natural-looking ground cover in a symbolic and temporary “town common.”

Portrait Studios. San Francisco portrait photographer Jeffrey Alexander chose NewGrass® to simulate real grass in his studio after experimenting for years with other options, including sod grass and carpeting. Avenue. Neiman Marcus and JC Penney designers have also chosen NewGrass® to easily and efficiently simulate natural grass for photo shoots.

NewGrass® is often chosen over natural turf by studio photographers for two simply reasons. First, they live and work in areas that don’t have a dependable supply of soft, green sod grass in the middle of winter. Second, NewGrass® is a no-muss, no-fuss, easy-to-set up and totally reusable alternative to real grass for studio photography.

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