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NewGrass Gives Kids Clean, Safe Outdoor Play Areas

Monday, April 4th, 2011

When it comes to considering the perfect ground covering for your children’s play set, NewGrass® artificial grass is the optimal choice. NewGrass lawns are lead-safe, hypo-allergenic, don’t stain clothes, prevent dirt and mud from being tracked inside, and eliminate the kind of injuries that a fall on gravel, sand or dirt can cause.

“NewGrass® is an eco-friendly, natural-looking and incredibly safe alternative to any other kind of surface under play sets,” said Greg Goehner, president of NewGrass.

“We’re also very big on the fact that NewGrass® is lead-safe, and provides really great performance and safety under our play sets,” Goehner added. “As a ground cover for play areas, NewGrass® is superior to traditional natural products, including grass, sand and wood chips.”

Turf grass and its weeds can aggravate allergies, plus they need fertilizers, pesticides, watering and maintenance.

Sand and wood chips create cushioned surfaces, but both are messy, scatter easily and routinely need to be replenished. Perhaps least appealing of all, sand and wood chips can attract cats, who consider these coverings to be one big litter box.

Day care centers, elementary schools and outdoor play equipment companies agree, and for all of the same reasons.The primary benefits of a synthetic lawn for schools are its safety value compared with sod grass or dirt play areas, lower installation and maintenance costs over time compared with sod grass, virtually no maintenance, no need for potentially hazardous or environmentally dangerous fertilizers or herbicides, and no watering.

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