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Just in Time for Summer, NewGrass to Offer Cooler Synthetic Grass

Monday, May 6th, 2013

With the heat of summer just around the corner, we’re sure to again hear one of the annual arguments against artificial grass: that it tends to get hotter than natural turf under hot sun.

While that’s true, as NewGrass® has reported before, it’s also true that synthetic grass blades cool down very rapidly when the lawn is covered, put under shade, or watered even a little. One study, Evaluation of the Environmental Effects of Synthetic Turf, in fact found that, “rapid cooling of the fibers was noted if the sunlight was interrupted or filtered by clouds. Significant cooling was also noted if water was applied to the synthetic fibers in quantities as low as one ounce per square foot.”

It’s also true that synthetic grasses installed with eco-friendly infill become less hot on average compared with artificial lawns installed with traditional crumb-rubber infill. The Penn State Center for Sports Surface Research reported those findings last year in its Synthetic Turf Heat Evaluation Progress Report.

To bring even greater comfort to homeowners and others considering artificial grass, NewGrass is unveiling a new variety made with a special blend of yarns that are guaranteed to be less hot under the summer sun.

“When combined with an eco-friendly infill rather than traditional crumb rubber, NewGrass Supreme with Cool Blades, our latest NewGrass® variety, will reduce surface heat by as much as 30 percent,” said NewGrass President Gregory Goehner.

NewGrass Supreme with Cool Blades will have blades woven with Coolgrass®, manufactured by the Bonar Yarns in Abu Dhabi.

“Coolgrass® has been a proven synthetic yarn manufacturer for years and has been in use in landscaping ranging from playgrounds to backyards,” Goehner said. “We’re thrilled to be a provider of this technology in the United States, Canada and Mexico to offer this unique combination of materials to provide a lawn that is durable, natural-feeling, safe, and less prone to summer heat.”

Just as with NewGrass®, Bonar’s landscape yarns:

  • Resemble the look and feel of natural grass
  • Don’t need watering, weeding, or fertilizing
  • Are skin-friendly and UV stable
  • Require extremely low maintenance to remove debris and keep the blades lifted

The advantages of NewGrass Supreme with Cool Blades are even greater when installed with the environmentally safe infills that NewGrass recommends. These include ZeoFill and Sole Revolution from Nike, and infill created from 100-percent Nike Grind Rubber (more environmentally friendly than traditional crumb rubber, which is made from used tires).

The debate over the safety of crumb rubber is being waged among environmental groups, concerned-parent organizations, the rubber industry and some members of the synthetic grass industry. But some cities – and NewGrass – argue that caution is the best path and advocate for the use of alternative infills.

“The combination of a summer-friendly yarn and a safe, cooler infill is a definite winning combination all the way around,” Goehner said.

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