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What makes NewGrass an ideal xeriscaping addition?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

If you’re considering xeriscape landscaping for your home, business or school, NewGrass® gives you the option of including lush, green lawn as part of your eco-friendly, super-water-wise ground design.

“NewGrass® gives any xeriscape design an added dimension of rich texture, natural beauty and healthy green color all year and in any climate,” said company co-founder Gregory Goehner.

According to the informational web site, xeriscaping is essentially a “landscape design that has been carefully tailored to withstand drought conditions.”

Xeriscape landscaping can take many forms. For some, it’s simply grouping plants with similar watering requirements together on the landscape. For others, xeriscape landscaping means using only plants that are indigenous to the region, and relying only on natural rainfall or reclaimed water.

Whatever xeriscape means to you, and however much you want to reduce your household’s water consumption, a NewGrass® synthetic lawn can be a natural choice in a xeriscape design for a number of reasons:

  • NewGrass® is water and pesticide free, so it’s a perfect match for low-water-use, environmentally conscious landscaping.
  • NewGrass® offers even the most rigorous xeriscape design an area where your pets can play and roam – and where the kids can play, too!
  • NewGrass® fits into hard-to-access areas and in garden landscapes that have irregular borders or planting configurations.
  • NewGrass® naturally complements any form of shrub, plant, garden rocks or gravel.
  • Compared with natural turf grass, NewGrass® significantly reduces the number and kinds of pests and insects, aiding your entire xeriscape design.
  • NewGrass® is certified 100% eco-friendly, made in part from recycled products and is itself recyclable.

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