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Relationship with Maker of Unique Drain System Grows; Benefits Small-space Applications

Monday, July 8th, 2013

As we enter the dog days of summer, it’s easy to see the obvious choices for installing synthetic ground coverings like NewGrass® instead of natural turf: lawns and play areas that are withering under droughts and water restrictions; hard-to-maintain areas that are tough to irrigate in the first place; shaded areas that are challenging to keep green in the best of conditions and impossible now.

But there are other areas where artificial turf can play a big role and provide a great advantage year-round, in any climate and under any weather conditions: balconies, rooftops, terraces and other architectural nooks and crannies that could benefit from a splash of green.

“The argument against improving these living areas by installing grass hasn’t been about design or not wanting a more natural setting to enjoy,” says NewGrass President Gregory Goehner. “The case against using grass on balconies, rooftops and other small areas has been that architecturally, they often can’t handle the weight of turf grass and the drainage that sod requires.”

Those days are gone. Long gone.

First, changes in small-space landscaping have been forged by the use of synthetic lawns like NewGrass. They obviously don’t require heavy dirt or weighted border materials for installation. They also don’t hold water, like sod grass does. Water drains through NewGrass, for example, at a rate of 30 inches per hour. Even wet, NewGrass is safe for standard commercial and residential construction weight-bearing loads construction.

Artificial grass also obviously eliminates concerns about having dirt tracked where you don’t want it.

But perhaps more importantly — and more recently — green landscaping for small and urban spaces has benefitted from the growing partnership between NewGrass and AirField Systems, a company that makes a draining system designed specifically for installing artificial grass on hard or non-porous surfaces.

“We started suggesting the use of Airfield Systems’ AirDrain to our customers a couple of years ago, simply because we felt it was the absolute best choice when you want to install NewGrass on hard or interior surfaces,” Goehner says.

“The fact that water drains easily through NewGrass is a plus for terraces and patios because of their weight restrictions,” Goehner says. “The fact that we can recommend an outstanding drain system makes our product even more practical.”

AirDrain is an innovative, ecologically sound solution for porous paving, drainage and erosion control on surfaces like concrete.

“It’s super-strong, highly versatile, lightweight and easily installed drainage system made from an environmentally friendly combination of polypropylene and polyethylene,” Goehner says.

The respect apparently is mutual: AirField systems has recently begun specifying the use of NewGrass on drawings it prepares for clients.
“We’re incredibly excited and proud that AirField has this level of respect for NewGrass,” Goehner says.

According to AirField Systems, AirDrain:

  • Creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for NewGrass
  • Provides shock absorption to reduce the strain when used to cover play or exercise areas
  • Can help qualify for LEED and other green-building credits
  • Leaves a smaller carbon and development footprint, with reduced site disturbance
  • Makes water harvesting and reuse more feasible
  • Qualifies as a “No Break” plastic because it’s made from 100-percent recycled copolymer with the impact modifier metallocene

NewGrass Support for Texas Expo Is a Reminder: Spring and New Landscaping Choices Are Just Around the Corner

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

With spring just around the corner, NewGrass® is proud to announce it is a partner in the Texas Recreation and Park Society’s 2012 Annual Institute & Expo, Feb. 29-March 2 in The Woodlands, Texas.

“We’re donating a section of NewGrass synthetic lawn for a display in the Expo’s Exhibit Hall Park,” said NewGrass President Greg Goehner. “And at the close of the Expo, the NewGrass artificial turf will be donated to a local agency for them to reuse and recycle.”

The Expo features educational sessions with leaders from around the country on a variety of topics relating to park, recreation and leisure services. The Expo also provides a keen opportunity for vendors such as NewGrass to interact with organization members of all levels, said Rebecca Lynn Krug, project specialist with the Parks & Recreation Department of The Woodlands Township.

The Texas Recreation and Park Society is a non-profit professional and educational organization founded over 70 years ago to advance the profession of parks, recreation, and leisure services in Texas.

The partnership between the society and NewGrass is a natural one. NewGrass® is proud to be an ally in the EPA’s GreensScape Program and the only artificial lawn that is Certified 100% Eco-Friendly, from the way it is manufactured to the company’s pledge to properly recycle any NewGrass® lawn at the end of its usable life, at no cost to the customer.

NewGrass® has in fact been featured on Bob Vila, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, Fine Living TV’s American Shopper, Makeover and a Movie and a special Think Green episode of Designing Spaces on WE tv and TLC – The Learning Channel.

The Texas Expo is a reminder, too, that with spring just around the corner, homeowners, business property owners and municipalities need to start thinking about how to reduce their water use while still having lawns to enjoy as summer approaches.

NewGrass® synthetic lawn can be a natural choice in meeting this challenge for a number of reasons:

  • NewGrass® requires virtually no watering and no fertilizers or pesticides, so it’s a perfect match for low-water-use, environmentally conscious landscaping.
  • NewGrass® offers even the most rigorous xeriscape or desert-landscape design an area where pets can play and roam – and where the kids can play, too!
  • NewGrass® fits into hard-to-access areas and in garden landscapes that have irregular borders or planting configurations.
  • NewGrass® naturally complements any form of shrub, plant, garden rocks or gravel.
  • Compared with natural turf grass, NewGrass® significantly reduces the number and kinds of pests and insects, aiding any low-water landscape design.
  • NewGrass® is certified 100% eco-friendly, made in part from recycled products and is itself totally recyclable.

In addition to trimming your water bill by installing NewGrass®, you may be eligible for a cash rebate for replacing your sod grass with faux grass or installing synthetic lawn from when you first landscape a home or business property. The list of cities and water districts that offer rebates is constantly changing. The best thing to do is call your local water utility company and ask about their rebate program.

To get an idea of what’s out there, you can visit the Association of Artificial & Synthetic Grass Installers Web site to get more information about many cities and districts that currently offer rebates.

If you’re in Southern California, check out the website for the Southern California WaterSmart program. The program’s 2011-12 schedule runs until April 30.

NewGrass in New York’s Time Square

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

NewGrass® synthetic lawn is on public display again in New York City, this time right in the middle of Times Square in conjunction with a citywide public art project.

Between June 3rd and 27th, NewGrass is providing wonderfully natural-looking ground cover in a symbolic and temporary “town common” in Times Square. About 16 feet square, the common lies at the heart of Key to the City, a public art project conceived and created by Paul Ramírez Jonas and produced by Creative Time, a nonprofit organization that commissions and produces “artwork for the masses globally (and not in a gallery setting, but on our streets),” according to the New York Village Voice.

With Key to the City, Ramírez Jonas has created a functional key—a key that unlocks 24 spaces ranging from museums to community gardens to graveyards across New York City’s five boroughs. The concept for the project is that a key to the city should be a gift that any average citizen can give to anyone else, and not be an exclusive token granted only to dignitaries or heroes.

At the Key to City common in Times Square, landscaped by NewGrass New York, anyone who wants to can award someone a key for whatever reason they like. With the key in hand, the recipient can go on a citywide exploration to find the 24 spaces the key will unlock.

“We have 25,000 keys to give away, so that’s a lot of people who will be visiting the common here in Times Square over the next four weeks,” said Gavin Kroeber, a producer with Creative Time.

When it came time to design the town common, Kroeber first considered using natural sod grass. But that idea gradually proved highly impractical. He assumed the grass would need to be “planted” or placed in some kind of container or bedding, and then be regularly watered, and probably need to be replaced repeatedly during the course of the event.

“We’re talking about more than 25,000 people walking across this area over the next four weeks or so,” Kroeber said.

So Kroeber considered artificial grass. He said he first considered NewGrass because of the way it looked in photographs on the company’s website,, and he ultimately chose NewGrass because of the “incredibly lifelike feeling” of its samples. Kroeber said he was also assured by NewGrass president Greg Goehner that the fake grass would ensure the project complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Basically, it had to be easy for wheelchairs to travel across.

“I’ve got to say, the installation is even better than we expected,” Kroeber said earlier this week. “It’s so lifelike, people think it’s real. It really makes the common feel like the real thing.”

Last summer, NewGrass appeared in the window display of the Ralph Lauren flagship store on tony Madison Avenue.

NewGrass Goes to the Grammys

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – NewGrass® synthetic lawn will be underfoot for one of the major events associated with the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, being held this Sunday in Los Angeles.

NewGrass Landscape & Design has installed more than 1,200 square feet of NewGrass artificial grass in the expansive lounge area of the seventh annual Grammy Style Studio, said Larry Reno, district manager for NewGrass Landscape & Design, based in Southern California.

Read the entire story at NewGrass Landscape & Design.

NewGrass- Water Conservation

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 is helping to lead the fight against global warming, in part by making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce and offset their climate impact through education, carbon offsets and reductions, and public outreach.

They recently posted a new blog endorsing synthetic lawns as a strong choice for the environment and specifically lauds NewGrass artificial lawn for its eco-oriented mission.

NewGrass- Water Conservation & Reduced Lawn Care Emissions

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NewGrass in the News: Water-wise Landscape Choice for Northern California

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

NewGrass is excited to be featured in an upcoming magazine supplement to four Northern California newspapers offering water-saving suggestions for landscaping in a time of ongoing drought.

One suggestion for water-wise landscaping offered by Gold Country Media reporter Jonathan Brines is to replace “real lawn with a polyethylene turf.” Brines then focuses on NewGrass artificial lawn, which has blades of 100 percent polyethylene.

Brines points out that NewGrass Rye and Fescue products “mimic natural grass thatching” and that it “feels real, will never need to be watered, holds up in the heat or cold and is totally recyclable. The pad is 90-percent-soy based which is natural and supports farmers.”

Brines interviewed NewGrass CEO Greg Goehner for the article after learning about the five-year-old company during an online search, reviewing its website and watching a video of an episode of Bob Vila, the nationally syndicated TV home renovation and improvement show, that featured a NewGrass installation.

NewGrass is sold and installed internationally only through a network of qualified, properly licensed representatives, such as NewGrass Landscape & Design, which serves the same communities as does Gold Country Media.

Homes will be included in four newspapers that Gold Country Media publishes and distributes in the Sacramento area – specifically Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills and Folsom. The magazine is scheduled for publication the week of June 17.

The article notes that three years of drought in Northern California have forced cities such as Folsom and Roseville, which depend on water from Folsom Lake, to impose 20-percent conservation reductions on their residents.

Some cities, including Sacramento, have imposed fines and now restrict watering to certain days of the week. Other cities, such as Roseville, offer rebates for removing and replacing water-thirsty sod grass and plants that are not drought-tolerant. Roseville’s Cash for Grass program pays homeowners $1 for every square foot of lawn they convert to water-smart landscaping, including artificial grass.

Sadly, Brines also notes that despite the reported impacts of global warming, ongoing drought conditions and increasing water demands from a growing population, Californians have an addiction to water.

NewGrass Helps Family Find Balance on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

Monday, June 30th, 2008

The Balancing Act on LifetimeFort Worth, Texas – When the national TV show The Balancing Act wanted to help one busy family find more enjoyable time outdoors at home and do it in a safe and eco-friendly way, NewGrass® artificial grass was a big part of the solution.

NewGrass® will be featured an episode of The Balancing Act episode airing on Lifetime Television on July 17 at 7 a.m. Eastern, 6 a.m. Central and Mountain time.

The Balancing Act is an original, informative, magazine-style half-hour television series hosted by Dr. Wendy Walsh, Kim Alexis, Kathy Peterson and Maria Bailey.

The show is geared toward women who are juggling career and home, wanting to “get it right” when it comes to health, family, finances and lifestyle, according to the show’s web site.
“We’ve always been aware of the big role women play when it comes to making design and spending choices for improving the home environment, and that includes landscaping and play areas,” said NewGrass® President Greg Goehner, who is interviewed in the segment. “The Balancing Act audience is well-served by learning about an alternative like NewGrass®.”

“Could your grass be greener?” host Wendy Walsh asks at the top of the upcoming segment featuring NewGrass®. “You might just need to re-think how green your green is …. As more and more neighborhoods face water restrictions, and we become more concerned about air and water pollution, you may be in need for a good water-saving, environmentally conscious alternative.”

NewGrass® is proud to be an ally in the EPA’s GreensScape Program and the only artificial lawn that is Certified 100% Eco-Friendly, from the way it is manufactured to the company’s pledge to properly recycle any NewGrass® lawn at the end of its usable life, at no cost to the customer.

Lifetime Television is a leader in women’s television and one of the top-rated basic cable television networks. Launched in 1984, Lifetime now serves 96 million households nationwide and is TV’s most popular women’s network.

NewGrass® has also been featured on Bob Vila and Fine Living TV’s American Shopper, and a special Think Green episode of Designing Spaces on The Learning Channel.

Special Designing Spaces Episode Features Eco-Friendly NewGrass

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Designing SpacesFort Worth, Texas – NewGrass® synthetic lawn is proud to be featured in a special “green” edition of the national TV show Designing Spacesairing June 27 and 29.

The Think Green series of Designing Spaces is dedicated to helping people find eco-friendly ways of improving and expanding their home environment, from suggestions for ways to reduce water use inside the home to environmentally conscious ways to have more lawn to enjoy year-round outside the house.

NewGrass® will be featured on the Think Green episode of Designing Spaces airing June 27 at 7:30 a.m. Eastern on We tv and June 29 aty 7 a.m. Eastern on TLC (The Learning Channel).

Designing Spaces is a half-hour television series that inspires viewers to make every space count, and to enjoy the space they live in. Each episode explores exciting ideas from flea market finds to fine fashion furnishings.

“We’re extremely proud that Designing Spaces selected NewGrass® for this series,” said Company President Greg Goehner, who is interviewed in the episode, filmed mostly in Scottsdale, Ariz. “We are dedicated to being eco-friendly in every aspect of our business and are becoming recognized for that.”

Goehner also said it was interesting that two channels as seemingly different in their audiences as We tv and TLC will be airing the special edition of Designing Spaces.

“One channel dedicated to women’s topics and one pretty much to science and history,” Goehner said. “The features and quality of NewGrass® appeal to both audiences.”

NewGrass® has been featured on Bob Vila and Fine Living TV’s American Shopper, and will be featured in an episode of The Balancing Act TV show airing on Lifetime on July 4.

NewGrass® is proud to be an ally in the EPA’s GreensScape Program and the only artificial lawn that is Certified 100% Eco-Friendly, from the way it is manufactured to the company’s pledge to properly recycle any NewGrass® lawn at the end of its usable life, at no cost to the customer.

NewGrass Goes to the Movies … on TBS!

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Movie and a Makeover on TBSFort Worth, Texas – NewGrass® synthetic lawn has again proven to be the perfect solution for a unique landscape challenge, this time helping transform a barren downtown rooftop into an attractive outdoor living space for the TBS television show Movie & A Makeover.

The Movie & A Makeover episode featuring NewGrass® artificial grass airs on TBS this Saturday, June 7, at 12:45 p.m. ET.

Every week, Movie & A Makeover features family-oriented movies and all kinds of makeovers. The projects range from fashion and beauty tips to dramatic home and garden projects, like the one this Saturday. Jungle2Jungle is the movie that will accompany the makeover of an Atlanta rooftop that includes NewGrass®.

During the episode, host Mia Butler and designer Brian Patrick Flynn work their makeover magic on an Atlanta rooftop. The space goes from being empty, industrial and uninviting to being comfortable, green and attractive outdoor entertaining center. In fact, it becomes a space the whole neighborhood will use.

“Synthetic grass on a rooftop is the perfect way to evoke a park-like outdoor feeling ten stories up in the heart of downtown,” Flynn said. “Brands such as NewGrass® are self-draining, fade-resistant and require no maintenance. So you get the look and feel of fresh cut lawn without all the hassle.”

NewGrass® is the artificial grass of choice when being water-wise and environmentally conscious are as important as adding year-round outdoor living space to a home or commercial property. It is certified 100% eco-friendly, from the way it is manufactured to the company’s pledge to recycle at no cost to the customer at the end of the product’s useful life.

NewGrass® has been featured on Bob Vila and Fine Living TV’s American Shopper, and will soon be featured in a special “green” episode of Designing Spaces.


Monday, March 24th, 2008

Fine Living Network logoFort Worth, Texas – NewGrass® has once again received national television recognition –this time for being the smart way to have an environmentally friendly green lawn.

A recent episode of American Shopper, seen on the Fine Living TV Network, featured NewGrass among products to help viewers have an “Eco Green Yard.” The episode airs again on the Fine Living TV Network on March 30, at 10 a.m. Eastern.

“There’s no better way to show off your green grass than with the ultimate in green grass … NewGrass®,” American Shopper host Lesley Ann Machado says at the start of the segment.
“NewGrass® is an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass,” Machado says, while the viewer sees video of NewGrass® installations.

Fine Living TV is the first television network “dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to find the most rewarding ways to spend their time and money, allowing them to uncover the greatest value from their experiences,” according to its Web site.

American Shopper seeks to take “real consumer concerns, compare products and prices, then advise the consumer what to do when the product arrives at their door,” according to its Web site. The show does not accept product placements or advertorials.

“It says a lot about the reputation of NewGrass® when a show of this caliber and with its audience comes to us, unsolicited,” NewGrass® president Greg Goehner said.

“It’s even more affirming,” Goehner said, “that they wanted to highlight NewGrass® in connection with environmental concerns and water conservation.”

NewGrass® was previously featured on Bob Vila, the nationally syndicated home improvement show, and on Modern Marvels, the History Chanel show. Episodes of Designing Spaces and Dinner and a Movie featuring NewGrass® are currently in pre-production as well, Goehner said.

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