Artificial Grass is NewGrass

Artificial grass is the solution when water conservation and being environmentally and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy year-round.

Synthetic Grass is NewGrass

NewGrass is the answer to having outdoor living spaces without the substantial cost to your budget or the environment.

Fake Grass is NewGrass

NewGrass naturally compliments any landscape design along sweeping curves or up against tight angles.

Staggering Per Year Statistics on the Cost of Lawn Maintenance to Your Wallet, Your Time and Our Environment.


Percent of household water spent on lawn

Billion Spent Maintaining Lawns in US

Hours Spent Maintaining Lawn

Billion Pounds of Toxic Pesticides Used on Lawns

The Environment Comes First

At NewGrass we are not interested in covering the planet with plastic grass. Our mission is to offer an eco-friendly solution to home owners looking to create an outdoor living space where natural grass is not an option. Let’s talk about what you are looking for in an artificial grass company.

The Benefits of NewGrass.

Who better than Tanya Memme; Mom, Television Host, DIY & Lifestyle Expert to explain to us the benefits of NewGrass .

Check Out Our Product Line

Premium Natural Synthetic New Grass

Premium Natural

Premium Natural Synthetic New Grass

Natural Gold

Summer Fresh Synthetic NewGrass

Natural Light

Summer Fresh Synthetic NewGrass

Summer Gold 2

Summer Fresh Synthetic NewGrass

Tropical Fine

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For the Kids

Kids need a safe outdoor living space.

For Water Conservation

Water conservation should be everyone’s business.

For the Pets

Your pets need outdoor living spaces too.

The Values of NewGrass

Here is a small list of the value that NewGrass brings to your outdoor living spaces, your wallet and our environment.


No Watering

Save on your monthly water bill and make your lawn NewGrass green all year round. 



Take care of mother nature by eliminating toxic pesticides.   


No Maintenance

Don’t waste your Saturdays cutting your yard, have fun with your love ones.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Realistic Looking Is It?

NewGrass has come a long way since your Grandma's artificial turf!

What Is The Return on Investment?

The ROI does vary depending on where you live but use our calculator and read how NewGrass has a ROI for everyone.

How Warm Does It Get?

This is probably the number one question regarding the use of NewGrass. This is our answer.

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NewGrass Installation Examples

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