Fort Worth, TX – NewGrass®, the brand name leader in the booming synthetic grass industry, is now offering enhanced distributorship opportunities. This is a nationwide offering from a a recognized leader in franchise and distributorship marketing. To say artificial grass expands is an understatement!

The artificial grass market is currently growing at 20 percent annually, according to industry statistics. That number is expected to grow. Seems like an increasing number of communities and water districts are restricting water use. Plus, homeowners seek more environmentally friendly ways to enjoy outdoor landscaping without pesticides, fertilizers or expensive upkeep.

When Artificial Grass Expands, Everyone Benefits!

In its first years of business, NewGrass focused its sales through only a small handful of distributors. However, the company continued brand development. Also, we established our product line while fine-tuning manufacturing and supply chain issues. NewGrass then began to gradually offer distributorships to quality-driven landscapers seeking to expand their menu of services. We love it when artificial grass expands. And customer love the benefits!

“Now we have everything in place to dynamically expand our reach. This will bring more consumers an eco-friendly, water-wise alternative to turf grass,” said our NewGrass President.

Authorized NewGrass® Distributors receive a NewGrass® sales territory. In addition, they receive preferred NewGrass® pricing. Also, marketing support including samples and marketing materials are provided. Finally a host of other services are provided too. These include things like strategic consultation; and installation training for distributors..

Joining NewGrass® is a chance for landscape professionals to tap into the synthetic grass market with a premier brand. In addition they will receive support via a jump-start marketing program.

NewGrass Provides Distributor Support With Expansion

“Yes, it’s a financial commitment on their part, but it’s a financial commitment that opens doors to incredible opportunity and brings a very strong, very deep commitment from us,” said our NewGrass President.

To support its distributors and expand its market footprint, NewGrass has added a brand development team. Advising NewGrass with over 25 years experience in franchising and franchise sales, marketing and training is Paul Crump, formerly with RadioShack, where he negotiated agreements for RadioShack’s franchises in Canada and also had been the company’s Franchise Director for New Store Development.

According to Crump “There’s huge potential for everyone involved when you combine a reputable company with a great product, consistent supply, strong customer and distributor support, and a definite market with pent-up demand as well as future demand.”All of this to say, the next time artificial grass expands, it could be global!

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