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The artificial grass solution when water conservation and being environmentally and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy year-round.

Steps to Water Conservation Are Right Under Your Feet

February 17, 2014

When President Barack Obama pledged on Valentine’s Day to speed federal assistance to California to help it recover from a crippling drought, he was talking about aid for the state’s farmers and livestock producers. Barely a month earlier, Gov. Jerry Brown urged all Californians to reduce water consumption by 20 percent.

Whether you’re a farmer in California’s Central Valley or a commuter in Los Angeles, San Diego or any other community served by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California — in fact, regardless of where you live anywhere in the United States — NewGrass® and similar, high-quality synthetic lawns offer a simple approach to water conservation.

The E.P.A. estimates the average U.S. household devotes a third of its water consumption to outdoor watering. NewGrass® artificial grass requires no watering. And because NewGrass® synthetic lawn eliminates the need for lawn pesticides and fertilizers, it also helps protects ground water and storm drainage systems.

Even if you’re a homeowner considering xeriscape landscaping, NewGrass® gives you the option of including lush, green lawn as part of your eco-friendly, super-water-wise ground design.

“NewGrass® gives any traditional or xeriscape design another dimension of texture, beauty and healthy green color all year round, and in any climate,” said company president Gregory Goehner.

California is not alone in facing persistent drought conditions — which means Californians are not alone in being able to benefit from water-wise, eco-friendly landscaping alternatives like NewGrass®.

According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, drought is expected to worsen or be at least persistent into the spring across the Pacific Northwest, interior West and Southwest, northwest Iowa, southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“The ongoing drought conditions in California and elsewhere in the country only reinforce the need for families and commercial property owners to reconsider the best use of the precious commodity that water is,” Goehner said.

“The drought also makes people think harder about the money they spend on traditional turf landscaping that needs to be constantly watered in season, as well as reseeded, fertilized and weeded — and isn’t even usable during times of harsh or wet weather.”

Artificial Grass Ensures Kids Get Exercise — Even in Winter

December 6, 2013

The numbers are staggering, if not downright depressing: 17 percent of America’s children are obese (Centers for Disease Control); nearly 1 in 3 are at least overweight if not obese (American Heart Association); today’s children are four times less active than their grandparents were (American Academy of Pediatrics), and childhood obesity has become the top health concern among U.S. parents (AHA).

The lack of activity and exercise is “troubling and calls for some parental intervention,” the AAP says.

Dr. Michael Omidi, co-founder of The Children’s Obesity Fund, has been even more emphatic: “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the lack of physical exercise in children is the main culprit in the startling rise of childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and all other types of preventable medical conditions.”

The CDC says the lack of safe, appealing places for kids to play is a big problem nationwide. The challenge is made worse in the winter months when much of the country suffers rain, snow, sleet and cold temperatures.

One response by communities, cities and schools alike has been to install synthetic grass like NewGrass® to help children be active year-round, regardless of the weather. A play area covered with NewGrass® is usable even after a snowfall, because it’s installed in a way that lets water simply drain through.

Sand and wood chips as play area groundcover may create cushioned surfaces. But in they’re unusable after a snowfall or heavy rain. Turf grass meanwhile dies in the winter, leaving play areas hard at best, and muddy or frozen at worst.

“We’ve seen parks and playgrounds that have NewGrass® installed provide safe and accessible surfaces for kids to play on day after day, all year round,” says Gregory Goehner, president of NewGrass, the artificial grass of choice when water conservation and being environmentally and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy in any season. “We are proud to play at least a small part in increasing the level of physical activity among our youth.”




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